Coronavirus Update

Following the government's recent directives regarding Covid-19 and the wish to reduce social contact as part of the effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, the Club had little alternative but to cancel most of its programmed rallies for the 2020 sailing season.

With the relaxation of the Covid-19 directives, an amended sailing programme was put together by our Sailing Secretary as detailed on the Sailing Page. Further changes were made as the directives changed and were announced as they happened, on our website, in the Newsletter and by All Members Emails. inevitably, attendance on this revised programme was disappointing and mixed.

Social events restarted on Monday 3rd August with the BBQ at Blackwater Valley Golf Centre. Sandhurst Social Club re-opened on Monday 13th July for members informal gatherings, but see details of the SSC attendance conditions in the Club Standing Orders. We had hoped to put on an amended social events calendar for the rest of the year but sadly this proved to be somewhat ambitious as the situation continued to change. We have already, very reluctantly, had to cancel the Christmas Party.

The Club will continue to liaise with Members via regular issues of the Club Newsletter. To assist with organisational matters and to avoid unnecessary travel, the newsletters because digital only from April. We have recommenced posting of paper newsletters as from October 2020 for those who have previously requested them.

As the Club have had to cancel/reduce significant events it is likely that our 2020 operating costs may be lower than originally anticipated. The committee have therefore agreed that any 2020 financial savings be shared with current members by making a reduction to their 2021 annual fees. Clearly for any new member joining for the 2021 season the standard fees (without reduction) would apply.

It is considered that by taking actions to reduce social contact the Club have been acting, and will continue to act, responsibly to aid reducing the spread of coronavirus. Please stay fit and we hope that in the not too distant future we can put the current problems behind us and move on to happier times.

Please refer to the NHS advice at: for the latest information

In anticipation of a better 2021 your committee will publish proposed sailing and social events calendars for next year, largely a copy of the abandoned ones for 2020. There will inevitably be changes along the way but it gives us hope for a more normal season.