Inauguration of the Club

The inaugural Meeting of the Club was held on 9 September 1991 at the Yateley Centre Club attended by 41 people following an initiative by Malcolm Cross and a number of others who had completed the RYA Yachtmasters course held at Yateley Centre under the tutorship of Peter Mayley.

It was decided that the name would be “Yateley Offshore Sailing Club” and would hold formal Meetings on the first Monday of each month in Room A.1.8 of the Yateley Centre.

A Steering Committee was elected consisting of Malcolm Cross as Commodore, Robert Hughes as Treasurer, Rosemary Bateman as Social Secretary, Pauline Hooker as Assistant Social Secretary, Jackie Cross as General Secretary, Keith Watts as Sailing Secretary, Peter Mayley and John Vahgatsi as Committee Members.

An Extraordinary Meeting was held on 18 November 1991 to formalise the Club including approval of the Club Rules, appointment of Honorary Auditors, approval of the budget, approval of the membership fees and ratification of the Club Officers and Committee.

Past Commodores




Malcolm Cross

9 September 1991

6 February 1995

Rosemary Bateman

6 February 1995

3 February 1997

John Weale

3 February 1997

2 November 1998

Terry Hurrell

2 November 1998

6 November 2000

Pauline Hooker

6 November 2000

4 November 2002

Richard Magnay

4 November 2002

1 November 2004

Paul Moggridge

1 November 2004

6 November 2006

Bill Boyd

6 November 2006

3 November 2008

Graham France

3 November 2008

1 November 2010

Sara Smith

1 November 2010

5 November 2012

Chris Darley

5 November 2012

3 November 2014

Ian Booker

3 November 2014


Annual Highlights of Club Events


  • During our first full year, there were some interesting meetings on a range of subjects including seamanship, rigging, weather, ropes, racing techniques, the  Mary Rose, marine archaeology and an open Meeting with 170 attending a presentation by the Coastguard and Air Sea Rescue in Yateley School. Some practical demonstrations were organised including the operation of life rafts in Yateley Pool and hands-on use of flares.  Sailing events included rallies to Southampton, St. Vaast, Cowes, Weymouth, Poole and Cherbourg
  • The design of the YOSC Burgee was decided following submissions of ideas by Club Members


  • Our First AGM was held on 2 February 1993 after the Club had been running for 15 months
  • Robert Hughes was elected as our first Honorary Member in recognition of his work in establishing a firm financial basis for the Club
  • We raised £600 through various activities with a view to sponsoring a local disabled person to sail on the Lord Nelson.  Despite our best efforts, no suitable volunteers could be found locally so we presented the fund to the Jubilee Sailing Trust, operators of the Lord Nelson
  • The beginnings of a Members Library was established with a collection of books, charts, videos, tools and other useful items for the benefit of our Members
  • Sailing events included a rally to Honfleur, a “Highline” demonstration by the SAR helicopter “India Juliet” in the Solent, a race training weekend for honing our racing techniques and a rally to Weymouth with crew changes at Weymouth and Poole


  • At the AGM in February, Peter Mayley was elected as our second Honorary Member in recognition of his inspiration and and as a catalyst for starting the Club
  • Five YOSC boats participated in the ISC “Round The Island” race and it was decided to present a new Cup to be called “The YOSC Island Cup” to the YOSC boat with the fastest corrected time on handicap. The winner of the 1994 race and first holder of the Cup was “Adagio of Wight” a Westerly Centaur owned by John Weale & Dai Evans
  • The first Cheese and Wine party was organised by John Vahgatsi and proved to be so popular that it was to become an annual Club event


  • At the AGM, Malcolm Cross retired as out first Commodore and was elected as our third Honorary Member in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the successful establishment of the Club.  He was presented with an engraved tankard and in turn presented the Club with a cup which he asked to be called “The Commodore’s Cup” to be presented annually “to the Member who had achieved a significant or meritorious sailing activity”.  The first recipient was designated by Malcolm and the cup presented to Eric Meighen
  • Rosemary Bateman was elected as our second Commodore
  • The first annual Summer Cruise had 7 YOSC boats sailing in company around the Baie de Seine visiting Le Havre, Deauville, Dives-sur-Mer, Ouistreham, Caen, Arromanches and Carentan
  • The first Summer Barbecue was held in the garden of Malcolm and Jackie Cross and proved to be so popular that it was to become an annual Club event
  • We had some interesting speakers on various subjects including spritsail barges, British Steel Challenge and one on VHF radio by Member and “Radio Ham” Bill Boyd,


  • The Commodore’s Cup was presented to Pauline Hooker at the AGM to mark her first Channel crossing in adverse weather
  • The Social scene continued to provide interesting speakers on diverse subjects including Adrian Seligman on his wartime experiences in Greece and other speakers on navigation and weather with some drawn from within the Club
  • Sailing events were well attended with rallies to Southampton, Cherbourg, Bembridge, the Folly Inn and Poole.  The Summer Cruises was in the Channel Islands


  • At the February AGM, Rosemary Bateman retired as Commodore and John Weale was elected as our third Commodore
  • The Commodore’s Cup was presented to Val Bransby and the Island Cup to Keith Watts
  • It was decided to change the date of the AGM from February to November to enable the incoming Committee to organise the events for the following season
  • Some outstanding speakers this year included Commander Chapman Andrews, Queen’s Harbourmaster of Portsmouth, Alan Toone, ex SAS with tales of some of his adventures, Two YOSC Members gave talks - Richard Magnay on engine maintenance and Dai Evans on his experiences of sailing a Dutch barge in the Ijsselmeer
  • Sailing events included the “usual” Solent and South Coast rallies and the Summer Cruise to the Channel Islands and North Brittany
  • The Club organised a joint sailing holiday with Grebe Lake Sailing Club to charter 4 yachts in the Ionian Islands
  • At the November AGM, the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Terry Hurrell for his enthusiasm and commitment in encouraging Members participation in Club sailing events


  • Editing and production of the Club Newsletter and Offshore Magazine was entrusted to Richard Godden who has taken on this important and onerous task to ensure that all of our Members are kept up-to-date
  • Return visits by popular request of speakers this year including SAS man - Alan Toone, author Adrian Seligman, YOSC Members, Dai Evans and Richard Magnay
  • We had the use of Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre and the fleet of Bosun dinghies for a Family Fun day on the water including raft building, round-the-cans racing followed by a BBQ
  • The usual Sailing events around the Solent, South Coast and Cherbourg
  • At the AGM, the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Trevor Nicholson and the Island Cup to Donal McDonnell in Setanta
  • The “first time” contested position of Vice-Commodore went to Pauline Hooker after a close contest by secret ballot
  • John Weale retired as Commodore and Terry Hurrell was elected as our fourth Commodore


  • More outstanding speakers including Rosemary Joy with some vintage film of J Class yachts, a return visit from Alan Toone, talks on knot tying, deck fittings, sails, security and flags aka vexillology. Two YOSC Members - Richard Magnay on engine maintenance and Alan Bew on boat electrics
  • The summer BBQ was hosted by Alan & Sue Goodwin
  • Sailing events included St. Vaast, Solent ports, the Great Lobster Race at the RVYC Fishbourne, sailing on Hawley Lake and the Summer Cruise to Normandy
  • The date of 11 August 1999 was one of the rare occasions to see the total eclipse of the sun from the UK.  Four YOSC boats rallied in mid-channel in the path of totality to witness the eclipse
  • The YOSC Web Page was started by John Weale with a description of the Club, the Sailing and Social Programmes and arrangements for Membership
  • At the AGM, the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Richard Godden for outstanding work on the Newsletter and Offshore  and the Island Cup to Dai Evans and Mygal


  • Speakers on diverse subjects including Solent Coastguard, Southampton VTS, weather ships, whales & dolphins, marine electronics, a return visit from Rosemary Joy and YOSC Member Ian Diaper on the 1999 Fastnet Race
  • Sailing events included Alderney, Solent ports, a RTI rally, dinghy sailing at Hawley lake and the summer cruise to  North Brittany
  • The date of May 1 was significant to all Navigators when the GPS degrading signal was removed and the accuracy improved to positioning within a few metres
  • At the AGM,  the Island Cup was presented to Chris Stafford and Memphis Mist
  • Terry Hurrell retired as Commodore and Pauline Hooker was elected as our fifth Commodore


  • Speakers included flotilla sailing in Greece, sound insulation, clocks & barometers, Sam Bayliss on his experiences in the Baltic, the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s new ship “Tenacious”, YOSC Members Neville Evans on the East Indies and Dai Bransby on operations in BIG ships and cruising to the Azores in his Oyster 39
  • Additional social events included an auction of Members surplus boat bits, BBQ at Trevor & Jill Nicholson’s garden and Southampton VTS arranged for us to visit their Port Control facility
  • Reading Offshore Club hosted the first inter-club Quiz at the UTMYC at Sonning Mill which was won by ROC.  This proved to be so popular that it was to become an annual Club event
  • Our 10th Anniversary dinner was held at the prestigious premises of the Royal Naval and Royal Albert Yacht Club in Portsmouth where we had a record turnout of Members to celebrate the first ten years of the Club
  • Sailing events included the 10th Anniversary Rally to St. Vaast, a joint rally with ROC to Newtown River, various Solent ports and the summer cruise to the West Country
  • At the AGM, the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Richard Godden for his continuing excellence as Editor and the the Island Cup to Donal McDonnell in Setanta
  • A new award was introduced to mark our 10th Anniversary to be presented to the best Log or account of a sailing activity.  The first presentation to be made at the 2002 AGM


  • An interesting mix of speakers including Commodore Melson of Trinity House Lighthouse Service, Andrew Cleave on Coastal Sea-Life of the British Isles, Chris Beer about whale & dolphins in the Azores, Kathryn Burnett of the RYA on Cruising, Eleanor Tims on Sailing up the Gambia River, David Pitman enlightened us about Sail and Rig Tuning, Paul Burns told us about his experiences "Sailing Round the World" and YOSC Member Paul Moggridge with some recollections of the YOSC 2001 sailing season
  • Additional social events included the Spring dance at St. Swithun’s and Quiz Night at ROC at UTMYC Sonning
  • Sailing events included Cherbourg, the usual Solent ports, a joint rally with ROC and the summer cruise to North Brittany. The sailing events were well attended this year with an average of six boats at each event
  • The Royal Naval & Royal Albert Yacht Club invited YOSC to become an Affiliate Club and to make use of their facilities in Old Portsmouth
  • At the AGM,  the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Malcolm Cross for his first transatlantic crossing, the Island Cup to Barry Mead and Footprint and the Best Log award jointly to Terry Paynter, Alex Phipps and William McDonnell for their contributions in Offshore
  • Pauline Hooker retired as Commodore and  Richard Magnay  was elected as our sixth Commodore


  • Speakers on various subjects including the Hydestyle Wildlife Hospital accompanied by some live "patients" St. Dunstan’s Hospital, DGMSS radios, radar reflectors, wind generators, Malcolm Cross on his transatlantic crossing, the work of the Royal National Mission To Deep Sea Fishermen
  • Additional social events included a return Quiz contest hosted by YOSC where our teams narrowly beat ROC with questions set by Quizmaster John Weale, the Spring Dance at the popular venue at St. Swithun's Parish Centre, Yateley - dancing to jazz and swing music plus entertainment by Otis B Driftwood and the Cheese and Wine hosted this year by Barry & Chris Mead at their home in Crondall
  • Sailing events had an interesting mix of Solent and South Coast events and St. Vaast, with a few events to test the Members anchoring skills including a mystery event in Keyhaven, Newtown River, Poole harbour and a family fun event at east Head in Chichester harbour.  The Summer Cruise was to the Channel Islands, Isles Chausey, St. Malo and the Rance
  • At the AGM,  the Commodore’s Cup was presented to David Dray, the Island Cup to Ed Essary and the Best Log award to Robert Hughes for his article in Offshore


  • Another interesting mix of speakers including Eleanor Tims on her trip to The Gambia, Simon Curwen on Transat 2001, Carol Clarke on Brooklands, Tony Ellis on the Thames Barge “Cumbria”, Trevor Skeetes on the JST ship “Tenacious”, John Sharp of the RYA on sail trimming, Guy Addington of the RNLI with a demo of flares and Derek Belsey on Birds Around Surrey
  • Other social activities included the Spring Dance at St. Swithun’s again with Otis B Driftwood, Quiz Night with ROC at The Tythings which YOSC won again and the Cheese & Wine at The Tythings
  • Sailing activities included a few interesting variants on the Solent and South Coast venues including a Review of the YOSC Fleet by the Commodore in Osborne Bay, a “Crew Mix” weekend to Poole, a night passage to Fécamp, an eastward cruise to Brighton & Littlehampton and exploring some of the lesser known Solent creeks. The summer cruise was in Normandy
  • At the AGM,  the Commodore’s Cup was presented to Jill Mayhew for her outstanding work in assisting the Social Secretary, the Island Cup to Ed Essery and the Best Log award to Dai Bransby for his account of sailing to Spain and Portugal
  • A major change to the Rules was ratified by the Members to improve the layout and clarity, to reflect current practices and to define more clearly, the Management Committee responsibilities
  • Richard Magnay retired as Commodore and  Paul Moggridge was elected as our seventh Commodore


  • A varied and interesting mix of speakers this year included Roger Oliver on his experiences in sailing around the British Isles, Robin Higgs about the Basingstoke Canal, Neil Stewart on Swimming with Sharks, Sam Bayliss on sailing across the Atlantic, John Sharp with some more about sailing skills, Flag Man, Commander Nicholls on the Bicentenary of Trafalgar and Philip Littlejohn told us about his grandfather, Alexander Littlejohn who was a survivor of the Titanic disaster
  • Some of our own Members gave talks - Ed Essery, holder of the YOSC Island Cup, about "Racing and Refitting Your Boat" and Dai Evans and Richard Magnay on their experiences in their DIY renewal of the gel coat of their yacht “Mygal”
  • Additional social events included the Spring Dance at St. Swithun’s, Quiz Night at UTMYC Sonning with ROC, the Summer Barbecue at Robert and Carole Hughes garden in Camberley, skittles at the Jolly Millar and the Cheese & Wine party at Barry & Chris Meads home in Crondall
  • Sailing events in the 2005 sailing season were somewhat curtailed and interrupted due to the weather and major celebrations of Trafalgar in the Solent during June and July. Various events through the season were either canceled or not particularly well attended but everyone enjoyed them that did participate and included Cherbourg & Dielette, the usual Solent ports, a timed Rally and the summer cruise to the Channel Island and Brittany
  • At the AGM,  the Commodore’s Cup was presented to John Weale for his efforts in maintaining the Web Site, the Best Log award to Alex Phipps and the Island Cup again went to Ed Essery. Dai Evans stood down as Vice Commodore and Trevor Nicholson as Sailing Secretary.  Bill Boyd was elected as our new Vice Commodore but there were no volunteers for the important post of Sailing Secretary. Paul Moggridge agreed to take on this role with assistance from other participating Club Members


  • Another varied and mixed bag of interesting speakers including some technical matters by Tony Brooks of Reading College on diesel engines, Tony Hickock of the UK Hydrographic Office on Admiralty Charts, Bill Deeker on pyrotechnics, and Gary Vanderhoven on liferafts.  Other speakers included local sailor David Laws on “Global Challenge”, Philip Littlejohn with the second instalment of his story of “The Titanic”, John Lee of GAFIRS told us about the “Gosport Inshore Rescue Service” and a return visit by Commander Nicholls this time on “The Cutty Sark”.
  • YOSC Member Ed Essery gave us an insight to his RTI success with a talk “Secret Course Round the Island”
  • Additional social events included a visit to the Kempton Park steam engine, Beer & Skittles at the Jolly Miller, N Warnborough and the annual Christmas party held this year at the Blackwater Valley Golf Centre
  • Sailing events included the usual Fitting-out Supper this time at the refurbished Lightship in Haslar Marina, a rally to Chichester Harbour with a walk to Dell Quay, a “Family Weekend” at Cowes, a “Beach Party” at Bembridge, the annual YOSC Regatta at Island Harbour, A “Dinghy Day” at Hawley Lake including the YOSC Summer Barbecue, The “YOSC Challenge” round the NAB and back to Hornet SC, the “Mid-Week Getaway” to some West Solent harbours, an end-of-season” trip to Cherbourg and finally the Laying-up-Supper at the waterside “Quays Pub” in Mytchett
  • The Summer Cruise in July included the Channel Islands, St Malo and the Rance
  • At the AGM, the Commodore’s Cup went to Alan Bew for his dedication in producing the Newsletter and Offshore Magazine and “Best Log” award to Terry Paynter for his stalwart efforts in providing lots of interesting material for the Newsletters and Offshore magazine in his “Up The Creek” articles on some hard-to reach locations and some intriguing photos in his “Paynter’s Puzzles” shots of nautical spots
  • Paul Moggrigde retired and Bill Boyd was elected as our eighth Commodore.  Other changes in the Committee included Tony Nemeth elected as Sailing Secretary and Graham Collins as Social Secretary thus ensuring a complete Committee for 2007


  • Speakers included Roger Oliver on “Navigation from Newlyn to the Isles of Scilly”, Judi Darley on “Chichester Harbour and Surrounding Area”, Mike Powell of CHIRP “Yachting & Safety - Is There a Problem?”, John Gledhill “Police Marine Unit”, a return visit from our old friend John Goode with “A Life on the Ocean Wave and Neil Stewart on “Life on the Reef”
  • YOSC Members Mike Finch with “Another Sort of Club” about the Portsmouth Offshore Group which he is closely involved and Malcolm Cross telling us of his experiences of being shipwrecked in the Med
  • Additional social events included a visit to the Teddington RNLI Station, the Spring dance at St Swithuns with The High Society Jazz Band, Beer & Skittles at the Jolly Millar, N Warnborough and the annual Christmas party at the Blackwater Valley Golf Centre
  • Despite the generally poor weather, the sailing events were well attended and included the Fitting-out Supper once again at the refurbished Lightship in Haslar Marina, a rally to Chichester Harbour with a guided walk around Itchenor plus a ride on the solar powered boat, to Dell Quay, a “Fish & Chips Rally” in  East Cowes, a rally to Bembridge, the annual YOSC Regatta at Island Harbour, A “Dinghy Day” at Hawley Lake including the YOSC Summer Barbecue, rally and barbecue at Nothney marina, the “Mid-Week Getaway” to some West Solent harbours and finally the laying-up party at Al Fresco in Fleet
  • Malcolm Cross organised a sailing holiday on the Norfolk Broads in traditional broads craft but the “back to nature” aspects were spoilt due to the high winds and incessant rain
  • The AGM was conducted by Bill Boyd in the chair as Commodore.  The Commmodores Cup was presented to Graham and Mary Collins for all their effort and contribution to the club, the Island Cup was warded to Ed Essery on Scorpio and the award for the best Log or Article was presented to Doug Board for ‘Life on the Ocean Waves’
  • Graham France was elected as Vice Commodore - the remainder of the Committee agreed to continue in their current roles


  • We had a number of first class speakers this year including some well known names particularly Tom Cunliffe with a talk entitled “From Grandfather's pocket watch to the chart plotter” and other professionals including John Wright with “Lock Keeping on the Thames”, a return visit from the GAFIRS, Captain Ray Blair Southampton’s Deputy Harbour Master with a talk entitled "A happy mix of maritime trade and leisure?", Nigel Jardine - the droll Langstone Harbour Master with “Great Expectations - the role of the Harbour Authority”, Ian Currie of BBS SCR “Weatherwatch” with a blend of talks about The Weather, Paul Josse with a talk entitled “60 Degrees South” about sailing and climbing in Antarctica and the ever informative Peter Bruce returned to tell us about sailing “Inshore Along the Dorset Coast”
  • Additional social events included the Spring dance at St Swithuns with Gillie and the Blues Babes, the annual Quiz Night with Reading Offshore Club at the Centre Bar, Beer & Skittles at the Jolly Millar N Warnborough and the annual Christmas party at the Blackwater Valley Golf Centre
  • Another wet and windy summer caused a couple of longer distance events to be aborted or curtailed. The remaining sailing events were well attended in more sheltered waters and included the Fitting-out Supper at The Royal Air Force Yacht Club in Hamble Village, rallies to Chichester Marina, Northney Marina, Island Harbour, “Round the Island”, Bembridge harbour, West Solent “Midweek Getaway” East Cowes Marina and the season ended with the Laying-up Supper at Blubeckers, North Warnborough
  • The Summer Cruise was planned for Normandy and the Baie de Seine but several yachts cancelled due to the appalling weather with high winds and incessant rain but a couple of YOSC boats eventually made it over for part of the cruise
  • The AGM was again chaired by Commodore Bill Boyd and included a Rule change to remove ambiguity from the club rules regarding the membership year and the resulting subscription timing.  The Commmodores Cup was awarded to Robert Hughes for his continued long service and support to the club.  Due to the lack of YOSC participation in the RTI event, the Island Cup was awarded to Graham Collins for the YOSC timed event and the award for the best Log or Article was presented to Chris Darley for his Antigua to Azores article
  • Bill Boyd retired and Graham France was elected as our ninth Commodore.  Other changes in the Committee included David Dray as librarian/equipment and Sara Smith for publicity/new member coordinator.  The position of Vice Commodore was vacant but Hon Sec Brian Mayhew agreed to deputise for the Commodore in his absence.


  • The club year started with the Commodore’s call to action to find a new meeting place for YOSC as Yateleys, our meeting place for 18 years, would be closing. The new Committee responded well and after a good deal of searching found suitable new meeting premises at the Sandhurst Social Club.
  • Meanwhile the spirits of the members were kept up by the Beer & Skittles at the Jolly Miller, the free Christmas Party in December and by YOSC member Chris Wright who gave a talk - “Antigua to Brest via the Azores”.
  • The first guest speaker at our new meeting place was Alan Priddy who told the tale “The Hard Way Round”, a sail round the world from Portsmouth to Australia and back in Lively Lady giving the many young crew members a life changing experience.
  • Other guest speakers this year were Commander Bruce Nicholls with “The Queens at War”, Robin Ebers who talked about tourist sights when Mediterranean cruising on the QEII and Richard Elphick who explained the work of Mercy Ships in providing medical care in areas of Africa. The last guest speakers of the year were Sam Steele and Mags Campbell with “Out of the Harbour & Turn Right”, a circumnavigation of our beautiful coastline in their boat Ituna.
  • Other social events were the Spring dance with Grandpa’s Spells, a joint quiz with Reading Offshore Club, which YOSC won, and the summer BBQ at the Blackwater Golf club attended by 60 people.
  • Sailing commenced with a Fitting Out Supper at the splendid premises of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club followed by a rally to Chichester. The Moule & Frite rally reached Cherbourg and the Greece charter sail to the Southern Ionian attracted 20 members who chartered 4 boats. The Solent rallies to Northney and Bembridge were relaxing and well attended. The Round the Island sail and Summer Cruise to the West country were more testing but unfortunately the Summer Cruise was marred by poor weather, the fleet only managed to get to Weymouth. The mid week getaway was followed by a rally to Island Harbour for a fun & games weekend, a quiz, scavenge hunt, blind rowing and the Scrap Heap Challenge. The sailing season drew to a close with the Dan Bran rally and a Laying up Supper at Ask in Fleet.
  • This year other highlights were that the membership of YOSC rose to 90, YOSC formed a link with the Royal Berkshire Yacht Club and many RYA training courses were publicised and taken up by members. On the down side an increased tax on red diesel was levied.
  • At the AGM the Commodore’s cup was awarded to Sara Smith, for attracting new members through her publicity efforts at local RYA training courses, in many local magazines and on local radio. Graham Collins was awarded the Island Cup for wining the YOSC Nearly Round the Island timed sail and the Anniversary Trophy was won by Peter Bennett for the best sailing story.
  • At the AGM, Robert Hughes, Tony Nemeth and Graham Collins retired from the Committee. Sara Smith was elected as Social Secretary, Kevin Morgan was elected as Treasurer, Vic Crawshaw was elected as sailing Secretary and Chris Darley was elected as the Members Member with a publicity role and organiser of the Fitting Out and Laying Up suppers.


  • The guest speaker year started well with Duncan Wells, who gave a couple of enthusiastic talks from his personal experiences, “Just a Sharp Scratch” and “Boating Capers”. Local weather forecaster Ian Currie returned with a talk entitled “Frosts, Freezes and Fairs”, a look at some great winters of the past 1,000 years. To replace the Spring Dance Michael King gave a ‘Mix and Mingle Magic’ performance which captivated and bemused our members. Howard Denyer had us equally in knots with his talk “Get Knotted”- a demonstration of knots and rope making. Bob Comlay related his experiences of travelling with H W Tilman sailing to the Arctic in a Bristol Pilot Cutter. Albert Goldsmith, from the RNLI, presented a lifejacket clinic and a use of flares evening, an amusing presentation with a serious purpose.
  • In the middle of the year we hosted a Quiz Night with Reading Offshore Club, forming eight teams from a mix of members from both clubs. At the next event we relaxed at the Summer Barbecue, again held at the Blackwater Valley Golf Centre.
  • Speakers in the latter half of the year were, Dr Richard Dunn from the National Maritime Museum talking about the spectacular development of navigation at sea in the 18th Century, Jorgen Vestlov of The Jubilee Sailing Trust with his story about sailing across the Atlantic on a barque with a crew of able and disabled people and, towards the end of the year, Graham Cornick of Hydestile Resident Animals revisited YOSC and talked about the rescued animals he brought to show us.
  • The sailing season started with a Fitting out Supper at Mercury Marina on the Hamble followed by a sailing trip to Chichester Marina. The Moule Frite rally was scuppered by poor weather and the two boats that set sail spent the weekend in the Solent. The weather was much better for the Bank Holiday fun and games event at Island Harbour. Thirty eight people came to the rally on 14 boats to enjoy blind rowing, make a collage, a fun quiz, the scrap boat competition, a BBQ and trips on the steam railway and to the Classic Boat museum! The following rallies to Bembridge and Northney were both well attended and enjoyed good weather for the beach games.  The Summer Cruise visited Cherbourg, St Peter Port, St Malo for Bastille day and St Cast before turning for home. The Nearly Round the Island timed rally gave an uncomfortable sail to the entrants around the south of the IOW.
  • The August Holiday sail to St Vaast encountered strong winds getting there but 12 people on 3 boats made it a jolly event. The Mid Week Get Away and the Dan Bran rallies signalled the end of the sailing season which was celebrated with a supper at Zizzi’s in Camberley.
  • At the AGM the Commodore reported that after some 20 months of meeting at the Sandhurst Social Club YOSC members have now settled in and are enjoying the use of the facilities there. It was also noted that YOSC is approaching its 20th Anniversary as a sailing club and a sub committee had been formed to plan a dinner to celebrate the event.
  • The Commodore’s Cup was presented to Vic Crawshaw for taking on the post of Sailing Secretary at short notice and then promptly providing a well planned sailing programme, his first, in a short time. Brian Mayhew was awarded the Island Cup for his winning performance in the Nearly Round the Island timed rally and the Anniversary Trophy, awarded for the best article in the Newsletter or Magazine, went to Paul Gray for his account of a 4 week trip in Avocet to the Scilly Islands.
  • Graham France retired and Sara Smith was elected as our tenth Commodore. Joan Evans and Jill Mayhew were jointly elected to fill the vacant Social Secretary position; all other post holders were re-elected in their existing posts.


  • This was a special year for Yateley Offshore Sailing Club, our 20th Anniversary which was marked by holding a celebratory dinner at the Royal Maritime Club Portsmouth on Saturday 8 October. A splendid venue and a memorable evening attended by more than 80 members and guests.
  • This year YOSC members were lucky to have a good mix of speakers. The first of the year being David Cusworth talking about the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Other speakers were Roger Shaw, Commodore of Henley Offshore Group with ‘Lessons learnt or disasters I just avoided!’, YOSC member Ed Essery speaking about his sailing on Scorpio around the West coast of Scotland and Slieve McGalliard who gave an informal talk on his home designed junk rig, this was followed by Nigel Snell from the Southern England Red Kite Group. We were lucky to have Tristan Gooley talk to us in the summer, his talk being entitled ‘The Wonderful World of Natural Navigation’, Tristan being a very popular speaker. In the Autumn Alex Adrian of The Crown Estate Marine Division spoke on Aquaculture and the final talk of 2011 being Adam Reay from Lymington Town Sailing Club who gave a fascinating talk about U-Boats in WW2 along with some historical footage.
  • Other social events included the annual Quiz night including a few rounds of Play Your Cards Right! The BBQ at Blackwater Valley Golf Club was very well attended and the Skittles night at Sandhurst Social Club was fun as usual. The Christmas Party was held at SCC and well attended with caterers providing a good buffet.
  • The 2011 Fitting Out Supper was held at the Custom House, Portsmouth.
  • Many sailing events were held during 2011, as always some more popular than others. We sailed to Chichester, Swanwick and Lymington, Poole, Marchwood and Yarmouth, Island Harbour, Newport & Wooton Creek, Bembridge, Northney, Poole (again), Littlehampton, Itchenor, Newtown Creek and the Dan Bran pontoon. Vic also organised the Eastern Promise rally and a summer cruise.
  • Also in 2011 member Peter Hart put forward a report for the Public Consultation on the modernisation of the Coastguard Service on behalf of YOSC.
  • A new Skippers sailing destination page was created for the website to enable skippers and crew to meet up on non-YOSC event weekends.
  • At the AGM the Island cup was presented to Richard Herbert, the Anniversary trophy to Vic Crawshaw and the Commodores Cup to Brian Mayhew. John Weale was granted an honorary membership in recognition of his work on the committee and for running the website for many years. Terry Paynter was awarded a commemorative framed DVD for producing the YOSC 20th Anniversary DVD.
  • The committee were voted in again and Chris Darley was co-opted to the role of Vice Commodore.


  • 2012 social events started in January with a screening of the Round Cape Horn video and a table top sale of boating paraphernalia.
  • A good variety of speakers were laid on starting with a talk on tall ships from Nigel Snell, National Coastwatch from David Russell and Marine Surveys by Peter Hall. Trevor Sapey gave a talk on the Mary Rose and Chris Darley talked about his East Coast Cruise. Chris kindly gave us another talk, this time on his experience in the Fastnet 2009 race and David Hoyle spoke on his experience as a BA Senior Engineering Officer on Concorde.
  • These talks were interspersed with other events such as the Quiz night, held by YOSC with guests from Guildford Coastal Cruising Club and the Royal County of Berkshire Yacht Club. The BBQ at Blackwater Valley Golf Club and skittles night were well attended as usual.
  • The sailing season started in March, a combined rally with Lymington Town Sailing Club to Shepards Wharf Marina and dinner at the Royal Corinthian Sailing Club, this was followed in April by the Fitting Out Supper at Haslar Lightship. Sailing Secretary Vic Crawshaw had laid on another impressive year of sailing rallies destinations including Chichester, Swanwick and Newport, Marchwood, Littlehampton, Dan Bran Pontoon and Island Harbour, Bosham Quay, Northney Marina, Newtown Creek and Beaulieu, Nab Tower and Southsea and Dan Bran. We were lucky to have glorious sunshine once again at Dan Bran. The Summer Cruise was well attended but unfortunately not the best of weather and members enjoyed heading East on the Eastern Promise cruise in August.
  • The Laying up supper was held at The Chequers in Eversley.
  • Commodore, Sara Smith took part in a leg of the Clipper Round the World Race in the Spring of this year.
  • At the AGM the membership stood at 87 members. This year the Anniversary trophy went to Paul Gray for his article ‘A day in the life of a Bristol Pilot Cutter’. The Island Cup was presented to Brian Mayhew for his sailing spirit in sailing round the island when the event had been cancelled and writing it up for the newsletter. And the Commodores Cup went to Kevin Morgan for his work as Treasurer and other contributions to the club such as work on the website skippers destination page and organising sailing rallies. Sara Smith stepped down as Commodore and Brian Mayhew stepped down as Honorary Secretary. Chris Darley was voted in as our 11th Commodore and Sarah Dray as Honorary Secretary.


  • The first of the 2013 social events was a talk by John Ross about the History of Canal Boats, their Art and Decoration with a Demonstration of Canal Art.
  • Other speakers included a talk by James Stevens of the RYA about the loss of the yacht Ouzo and her three crew south of the Isle of Wight in August 2006, Alan Smith of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at UCL presented a talk entitled “The Final Frontier” about the exploration of our Solar System and the UK's contribution, Graham Ramsey of ADEC Marine presented a talk entitled “Life Rafts”, Richard Bywaters of the RNLI with some aspects of their work on the River Thames and we had a  return Visit from Trevor Sapey, Community Engagement Officer at the Mary Rose Trust with a talk entitled “Kill or Cure” - an insight into Tudor Medicine.
  • Four of our own Members presented talks. In March John Weale told us about his introduction to sailing in the 1950s “Sailing the Swatchways” in a Maurice Griffiths Cockler and Dai Evans followed this with some details of the creeks and harbours of the East Coast.  In May, Sara Smith, our Ex-Commodore presented a talk entitled “The Chronicles of a Seafaring Woman” about her experiences on Leg 7 of the Clipper Round the World Race on board yacht “New York” from San Francisco to New York via the Panama Canal – April/May 2012 and in October, Alan Bew showed some of his photos and told us of his experiences during the 1993 Blue Cup in Greece.
  • These talks were interspersed with other events such as the Barbecue in August at Potters Steak House, Mytchett, in October, we were guests of Guildford Coastal Cruising Club participating in their Quiz Night (which was won by YOSC team “The Ancient Mariners”) held at their new premises shared with Papercourt Sailing Club in Ripley and in November the Skittles night at Sandhurst Social Club was well attended.
  • The sailing season started in April with the Fitting out Supper at The Swan pub by the Basingstoke Canal at Ash Vale followed by the first of the rallies to Chichester Marina. Other rallies during the season visited diverse venues including: Marchwood, Poole, Island Harbour, Bembridge, Littlehampton, Northney and Lymington.
  • The Summer Cruise was curtailed due to bad weather at the start so only two YOSC boats joined the Cruise visiting Cherbourg, Alderney, Dartmouth, Weymouth, Poole, Lymington and finally back to the Solent.
  • The Easter Promise Cruise was better attended with four YOSC boats visiting Shoreham, Eastbourne, Brighton and Littlehampton before returning home.
  • Other Sailing events included The Round the Island Timed Rally, “The Bosuns Challenge” dinghy racing with the season rounded off by The Laying up Supper at Mercury Marina in the Hamble.
  • At the AGM chaired by Commodore Chris Darley, the membership stood at 88 members. This year the Anniversary trophy went to Brian Pickles for his general information and news contributions in respect of his “Round the World” clipper sail expected to complete in early July 2014. The Island Cup was presented to Steve Vincent for his timely navigation on board Chris Wright’s Nefertari and the Commodore’s Cup went to Ian Booker for his assistance with publicity and other general club related matters. Two Committee Members stood down - Vic Crawshaw as Sailing Secretary and Sarah Dray as Hon Secretary.  Ian Booker was voted in as Vice Commodore, Chris Wright as Sailing Secretary and Steve Vincent as Ordinary Member.  The position of Honorary Treasurer remained vacant.
  • The Club year was rounded off by the Christmas party during which we were entertained by Mel Reiss.


  • We had a number of first class speakers this year including Mick MacDonald of the Surrey and North Hampshire Fire and Emergency Support Service with a brief history of the Red Cross, John Parker of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance with a talk entitled "Air Ambulance", Alan Grace with a talk about Berlin during WWII and the subsequent Cold War events, Alasdair Flint about sailing his 26 ft wooden yacht to the remote Arctic Island of Jan Mayen and climbing the world's most northerly volcano, Steve Court on his attempt on the 6962 metre peak of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western and southern hemisphere in Argentina and a presentation of Navigation Software by Les Emptage of Hook based Neptune Navigation.
  • YOSC Member, Alan Charlton told us about his participation in “The Jester Azores Challenge" including the preparations and the event itself.
  • Additional Social events included a Prize draw for a day sail for two people on TS Stavros Niarchos which was won by Allun and Alison Proom, a canal trip on the Pinkerton II along the Basingstoke Canal, Quiz Night at SSC, Skittles at SSC.
  • The sailing events arranged by Chris Wright, our new Sailing Secretary were well attended and started with the Fitting Out Supper at Victory Inn, Hamble, rallies to Marchwood, Lymington, Island Harbour, Bembridge, Northney, Newtown and Beaulieu  Two of the events were cancelled for reasons beyond our control including the Timed Round the Island (lack of wind) and the Bosuns Challenge dinghy event (MOD withdrew facilities).
  • The Summer Cruise was blessed with good weather and included four YOSC boats who visited ports in the Baie de Seine including: St. Vaast, Carentan, Grandcamp, Arromanches, Ouistreham, Caen, Deauville, Honfleur, Le Havre then homeward.
  • The Easter Promise short cruise was curtailed due to poor weather and attended by two YOSC Boats and included visits to Littlehampton, Newhaven Eastbourne, Shoreham and thence home.
  • The sailing season concluded with the Laying up Supper at The Wellington, Portsmouth.
  • The AGM was chaired by Commodore Chris Darley with the membership standing at 79 members. This year the Anniversary trophy was awarded in his absence to Adam Bispham relating to his commentary on his “near” circumnavigation of the UK, the “Commodore’s Cup” was awarded to Alan Bew for his continued sterling work in editing the monthly club newsletter, the “Round the Island Trophy” was not awarded this year as the event was cancelled due to “no wind” and two “one off” trophies were awarded to clipper sailors Brian Pickles and Michael Soul. Two Committee Members stood down - Chris Darley as Commodore and Kevin Morgan as Hon Treasurer. Ian Booker was voted in as our 12th Commodore, John Weale as Hon Secretary and Ian Whyteside as Hon Treasurer.
  • The Club year ended with the Christmas party during which some amusment was provided by a “Dingbats” competition.


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