All of our Social Events will take place in the Sandhurst Social Club,
33/35 Wellington Road, Sandhurst, GU47 9AW unless otherwise stated. 
CLICK HERE for a map and more details of this location.

1 - All YOSC Members and their guests visiting Sandhurst Social Club are required to SIGN IN on the sheet provided.  Failure to do so may result in delays to the start of our events.
2 - Please ensure your mobile phones are turned OFF during the talks.


The 2019 Social Programme:

Sara, our new Social Secretary, has taken over the arrangements from Pam for the Social Programme for 2019. Sara jointly with Maggie will be responsible for the implementation and detailed organisation of the programme as shown below which will be amended here and in the Newsletters from time to time.

All Meetings are at Sandhurst Social Club and start at 20:00 unless otherwise stated..


  • 7 January - Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) - Roger Brydges is a lifelong sailor in dinghies and yacts and currently an Inspector of Marine Accidents.  Roger will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the world of the UKJ Government’s MAIB with particular emphasis on matters pertaining to sailing and liesure craft.
  • 4 February - Skittles Evening at SSC including Fish & Chips or Chicken & Chips CLICK HERE for flyer and more information
  • 4 March - Isle of Wight, England in miniature – a talk by Blue Badge Guide, Graham Horn with a return visit to tell us what this fascinating island has to offer.  CLICK HERE for a flyer with more details
  • 1 April - Further Life on Charisma – a talk by YOSC Member, Adam Bispham who will bring us up to date with the further voyages that he and Lynne have made in Charisma along the coast of France, Spain and Portugal. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more details
  • 13 May - Maritime Archaeology in the 21st Century - a talk by Dr Julian Whitewright, Senior Teaching Fellow in Maritime Archaeology at Southampton University. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information
  • 3 June - Stress Free Sailing – a talk by Duncan Wells. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information
  • 15 July - A Balkan Railway Adventure - a talk by Nick Brazil about a round-trip rail journey from Pangbourne to Split via Munich, Ljubljana, and Vienna. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information
  • 19 August - Barbecue at Blackwater Valley Golf Centre CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information
  • 16 September - HMS Endeavour - CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information, this is a talk by YOSC Member, Jim Fayers about Captain Cook’s ship and his voyages of discovery and subsequent charting of Australia and New Zealand
  • 7 October - Sailing in Brittany – a talk by YOSC Members Chris Wright/Brian Pickles Pickles.  CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information
  • 4 November - 27th Annual General Meeting
  • 9 December - Christmas Party CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information

The 2020 Social Programme:

Sara and Maggie have arranged a very interesting Social Programme for 2020 - here is the provisional summary of events
Changes to the programme will be announced here and in the Newsletters from time to time. 
CLICK HERE for further details of the 2020 progamme


  • 6 January - Mike Austin, The voyages of the Liberdade
  • 3 February - Skittles night
  • 2 March - Dave Stubbs, Thames Valley Police Museum 'A life of crime…prevention
  • 6 April - Kate Fortnam, The Green Blue
  • 4 May - Roger Brydges, MAIB
  • 1 June - TBA
  • 6 July - Bill Taylor, What Sailors should know about weather forecasts
  • 3 August - BBQ
  • 14 September - TBA
  • 5 October - Nick Brazil, Nadia's Story
  • 9 November - AGM
  • 14 December - Christmas party

Audio Visual Equipment at SSC

The Audio Visual equipment is the property of SSC and is available for the use of YOSC during their use of the Meeting Room but is only authorised for use by YOSC Committee Members.


Further information on the storage, security, contents, setup and operation of the Audio Visual equipment may be found on the   AV Equipment button of the Members Pages including:

  • Setup and Operation of the Audio Visual System
  • Settings for Stage Line PMX-162 Powered Mixer
  • Contents of the Audio Visual Storage Boxes
  • Combination lock code
  • Combination Lock setting/resetting instructions

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Last updated: 24 October 2019

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