All of our Social Events will take place in the Sandhurst Social Club,
33/35 Wellington Road, Sandhurst, GU47 9AW unless otherwise stated. 
CLICK HERE for a map and more details of this location.

1 - All YOSC Members and their guests visiting Sandhurst Social Club are required to SIGN IN on the sheet provided.  Failure to do so may result in delays to the start of our events.
2 - Please ensure your mobile phones are turned OFF during the talks.


The 2020 Social Programme:

Sara and Maggie have arranged a very interesting Social Programme for 2020 as shown below.  Changes to the programme will be announced here and in the Newsletters from time to time. CLICK HERE for further details of the progamme

All Meetings are at Sandhurst Social Club and start at 20:00 unless otherwise stated.



YOSC Social and Sailing Programmes 2020


All scheduled Social Meetings and Sailing Rallies have been cancelled until further notice.  Changes will be announced by “All Members” Emails and on the Sailing and Social Pages of the Website.


Notice from YOSC Commodore Regarding Coronavirus, Covid-19

You may have listened to the formal government advice given on 16th March relating to reducing social contact in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It would appear that this includes reducing /removing close social contact as may be experienced by those attending Clubs. The government's notice additionally stresses that limiting social contact is particularly relevant to those over seventy. It is therefore with regret that to comply with the notice YOSC will have to put on hold their normal Monday get togethers and indeed the forthcoming speaker's presentation (initially set for 6th April). The Club would hope to arrange a revised date for Kate Fortnam's "The Green Blue" as soon as the current limiting social contact recommendations have been removed. It is fully appreciated that many YOSC members are also members of SSC and in this regard it is the Club's recommendation that they comply with any like directives that SSC may advise.

Clearly we will be monitoring the formal announcements and will reconvene our social meetings and events as soon as we can. It is fully appreciated that the coming weeks of limiting social contact for certain members will be particularly difficult and indeed will be doubly difficult for those living alone. Hopefully during this difficult period full advantage can be made of the telephone and internet to continue social contact with fellow Club members. We will over the coming few days seek to instigate procedure with the view of giving any required assistance to members with underlying health conditions.

Thank you in advance for your understanding of the actions that the Club are obliged to follow.

Ian Booker



In order that we can maintain contact during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 emergency, we will be holding Zoom conference meetings with members on a regular basis on Monday evenings from 21:00 onwards hosted and moderated by Allun Proom and you are welcome to join as guests if you wish to do so.
You will need to install Zoom on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone - guidance notes may be viewed or downloaded from:


To participate in the 21:00 conference meeting, click "Join" and type in the meeting ID. Allun's Zoom ID can be found at the bottom of the Photo Gallery Page of the Members Section.
Once this has been completed and Allun has signed in, you should be linked to Allun and joined by all others attending the meeting.

Monday 18 May at 8:00 pm
Join us for a Quiz Night on ZOOM Hosted by Allun Proom
The link to Allun’s ZOOM Room can be found at the bottom of the Photo Gallery Page of the Members Section

The 2020 Original Scheduled Social Programme:

  • 20 January - The Yachtmaster Examination. YOSC Member, Peter Hart will talk about aspects of the Yachtmaser examination and the process of becoming an examiner. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information.
  • 3 February - Skittles Night. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information on the event and payment details.
  • 2 March - A life of crime…prevention.  Dave Stubbs, TVP Retd.  Volunteer at Thames Valley Police Museum will talk about his experience of dealing with victims of crime. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information.
  • 6 April - Sustainable Boating for Cleaner, Healthier Waters.  A talk by Kate Fortnam of The Green Blue, a joint environment initiative between the RYA and the British Marine. CLICK HERE for a flyer with more information. See Green Blue websie at: https://thegreenblue.org.uk
  • 4 May - The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).  Roger Brydges returns to us to present the findings of the second investigation involving the 2017/2018 Clipper race and other cases.
  • 1 June - Calshot, a place in time.  Colin van Geffen will talk about Calshot Castle and the Spit from Saxon times to the present including its use by the armed forces in times of peace and war.
  • 6 July - What Sailors should know about weather forecasts. Presented by Bill Taylor, a retired Met Office weather forcaster.
  • 3 August - BBQ
  • 14 September - Drones- what they are really about and why they are now an indispensable tool. Presented by YOSC Member, Andre Knight a certified drone pilot, instructor and examiner
  • 5 October - Nadia's Story.  Nick Brazil returns to us this time with a talk about the building and launch of Iain Tolhurst’s yacht.
    CLICK HERE for a video of Nadia
  • 9 November - Annual General Meeting - YOSC’s 29th AGM
  • 14 December - Christmas Party

The 2019 Social Programme:

Sara and Maggie arranged a very interesting Social Programme for 2019 - here is the summary of events

  • 7 January - Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) - Roger Brydges provided a behind-the-scenes look at the world of the UKJ Government’s MAIB with particular emphasis on matters pertaining to sailing and liesure craft
  • 4 February - Skittles Evening at SSC
  • 4 March - Isle of Wight, England in miniature – a talk by Blue Badge Guide, Graham Horn
  • 1 April - Further Life on Charisma – a talk by YOSC Member, Adam Bispham who will bring us up to date with the further voyages that he and Lynne have made in Charisma
  • 13 May - Maritime Archaeology in the 21st Century - a talk by Dr Julian Whitewright, Senior Teaching Fellow in Maritime Archaeology at Southampton University.
  • 3 June - Stress Free Sailing – a talk by Duncan Wells.
  • 15 July - A Balkan Railway Adventure - a talk by Nick Brazil about a round-trip rail journey from Pangbourne to Split via Munich, Ljubljana, and Vienna.
  • 19 August - Barbecue at Blackwater Valley Golf Centre
  • 16 September - HMS Endeavour - a talk by YOSC Member, Jim Fayers about Captain Cook’s ship and his voyages of discovery
  • 7 October - Sailing in Brittany – a talk by YOSC Members Chris Wright/Brian Pickles.
  • 4 November - 28th Annual General Meeting
  • 9 December - Christmas Party

Audio Visual Equipment at SSC

The Audio Visual equipment is the property of SSC and is available for the use of YOSC during their use of the Meeting Room but is only authorised for use by YOSC Committee Members.


Further information on the storage, security, contents, setup and operation of the Audio Visual equipment may be found on the
AV Equipment button of the Members Pages including:

  • Setup and Operation of the Audio Visual System
  • Settings for Stage Line PMX-162 Powered Mixer
  • Contents of the Audio Visual Storage Boxes
  • Combination lock code
  • Combination Lock setting/resetting instructions

    CLICK HERE to transfer to the AV Equipment Page



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