These pages contain items of general interest such as:     Col Regs, CEVNI Rules, Racing Rules, Flags, Navigation, Maintenance etc. plus a few YOSC Items and some whimsies of my own.

  • Accented Characters - Two methods for inserting French accents into Word Documents
  • Anchor Tests - Yachting Monthly and Sail Magazine report on 14 anchors subjected to a comprehensive series of tests. See how yours compares
  • Beaufort Scale - from "The Art of Coarse Sailing"
  • CEVNI Rules - The European Code for Inland Waterways - to be carried if cruising the European rivers and canals
  • CEVNI Signs and Signals - summary sheet of the main signs and signals used on European rivers and canals
  • CEVNI PowerPoint - YOSC Training Presentation
  • Col Regs International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea - 1972 including the November 2003 Amendments
  • Col Regs Changes - The January 2016 Amendments
  • Dictionary - the fine art of getting wet and becoming ill, while going nowhere slowly at great expense
  • Electrical Checks - a Guide to Inspecting Marine Electrical Systems
  • Engine Checks - by YOSC's own Marine Diesel Engine "Guru" - Richard Magnay
  • Flag Etiquette - the correct way to wear ensigns, courtesy flags, burgees, house flags etc.
  • Marine Traffic - showing the position of any vessel fitted wuth AIS
  • Phonetic Alphabet - NATO/International and a few from the past
  • Portsmouth Yardsticks - handicap ratings for dinghies issued by the RYA
  • Racing Rules of Sailing - issued by the ISAF for 2005 to 2008
  • Sailing Hints - useful sailing hints, tips, methods, gadgets and dodges
  • Solent Waypoints - 140 Waypoint from Nab Tower to Bridge Cardinal in various formats for transferring to your GPS
  • Telltales - A Guide to Sail Trimming and Steering - by Chris Wright - YOSC past Sailing Secretary
  • Weather Forecast Form - The RYA/Royal Meteorological Society Met Map for taking down the Shipping Forecast and producing your own Synoptic Chart
  • YOSC Quiz - Questions and Answers

John Weale - Past Commodore is keeping these pages up to date.
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